Valentines Day Ideas For Teens

OK, so is anyone else in a Valentine’s Day rut? I’ve been having a hard time deciding what I want to do this year. I’m stuck in the middle of “being too old for classroom candy grams” and “too young/not ready for mushy Valentine’s Day dates”. So I came up with a few ideas that we tweens and teens can do so we don’t feel completely left out of this holiday.💕
Have a baking party.

fullsizerenderInvite a few of your closest friends over to make cookies. Just pop on a movie in the background and make some heart shaped sweets. Not only do you get to eat your favorite dessert but you’ll get a sweet Insta pic out of it 😜.
Spa Day.


Who doesn’t love a spa day? Take a bath, give yourself a mani pedi or put on a face mask while watching a movie. Either way you will thank yourself later!


Family Night.


Order a heart shaped pizza and bring out the games. Enjoy some time with your family and spend Valentine’s Day with the ones you love the most.


Go to an Amusement Park.


When in doubt, always go to Disney! See if you can round up your friends, siblings, or cousins and head over to the happiest place on earth! I know this isn’t possible for everyone, so instead you can substitute it with bowling or even a trampoline park.

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Have a great week!
Sarah 😜

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