Valentines Day Slime

By now you’ve probably caught onto the latest obsession with kids my age…SLIME!! Whether its popped up on your suggested page on Instagram or see kids at school playing with it, either way you can’t escape it! The truth is, it’s probably the best thing that could have happened to us…. here’s why. Since learning how to make slime, I’ve spent less time on my phone and more time in the craft store. The other day I was at Walmart looking for Elmers glue and ran into 5 girls looking for the same thing! We all looked at each other and smiled while my sister teased us for causing a glue shortage. This is definitely an activity my parents can get behind… although they aren’t so happy with me using all the tupperware to store my slime 😁

Here’s What you need!

*1tsp Borax
*1Cup Warm Water
*Glue (any kind will do just make sure it has PVA)
*Food coloring (optional)
*Shaving Cream
*Mixing bowl & spoon

Step 1.
Combine Borax and water. Mix until Borax is completely dissolved. Put aside.
Step 2.
Pour Glue into mixing bowl. (The amount of glue you pour is the amount of slime you will have)
Step 3.
Add food coloring and mix.
Step 4.
Add Shaving Cream and mix.
Step 5.
Pour in the slightest amount of borax mixture and keep adding until the slime is no longer sticky. (Don’t add too much or the slime will be too stiff) You will quickly see it clump together.
Step 6.
Use your hands to knead it together.
Step 7.
Add glitter and fold it into the slime. (You can add as much as you want)
Step 8.

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