About Me


Hey guys, its Sarah! My blogging journey began when I was 9 years old and begged my mom to let me open up my own Instagram account. After being VERY VERY persistent, she finally said Yes! At first, I started out posting typical 9 year old things like really awkward selfies, pictures of my friends, pictures of my cats, and screen shots of girly motivational quotes. At this time I had no idea what blogging even was. One day I asked my sister to take a picture of the outfit I was going to be wearing to school that day. She helped me post it and I remember she used the Hashtag #kidsootd. When I clicked on the hashtag to see if my picture had shown up I was AMAZED! I had no idea there was a whole community of kids/parents that posted their outfits online. Everyday before school I made it a point to wake up early so my mom or older sister could snap a picture of me and post it. 2 years later (with the help of my family) Saraahs Closet was born. Blogging is more than just taking pretty pictures, it’s a business. Now…. how many 11 year olds have businesses?? Not many lol I wouldn’t be able to do this without the support of my family. My older sister takes my pictures, my mom drives me to my events and my dad gets final say about what I can and can not do…. It’s a family business really.

Behind the blog I’m a typical 11 year old. I still have to go to school and do chores. My favorite things to do are going to the movies, walking around the mall, and make a mess in  the bathroom while making DIY’s at home. Thank you guys for coming along with me on this journey and supporting my dream! – Sarah 😜